e-compendium GETS 2016 All International Delegates /Authors are required to have registered for GETS 2016 and uploaded copy of their passport. It is required by NTPC Ltd for taking permissions from Govt Of India for entry to Manekshaw Centre on the inaugural day ceremony on 7th Nov 2016


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All preregistered authors / delegates / Invitees from previous years are required to register for GETS 2016. Please go to the tab “ Register For 2016 “ and update your profile.

All international delegates attending the GETS-2016 inauguration at Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi on 7th November, 2016 are required to have either Conference Visa or Business Visa. Invitation letter for Conference Visa may be obtained on request from Mr. G. Venu, General Manager & Head of Foreign Delegates Committee at gvenu@ntpc.co.in .

All NTPC  CC Delegates may register only after formal nomination and after getting the nomination letter forwarded from their respective ED/GM to the invitation Committee at gvenu@ntpc.co.in